LP(3)Notes(4) 7no information-5
Antigua &
.ag;; .co.ag3Min. 1 / Max. 63--
Argentinacom.ar15Min. 1 / Max. 19Reqd.6,10,11;
12Min. 3(.bs) /
Min. 2(other)
-5; .com/.net/.org.bz1Min. 1 / Max. n/a--;;;; .bo2Min. 1 / Max. 64-- 2 / Max. 26Reqd.5; 6
Chile.cl1Min. 1 / Max. 63Reqd.6 3 / Max. 63Reqd.7
1Min. 1 / Max. 58-5,11; com.cu20Min. 2 / Max. 23-8
Dominican 2 / Max. 56-5;; .info.ec1Min. 3 / Max. 65-11
El 1 / Max. 19Reqd.5; 7
Grenada.gd20Min. 1 / Max. 63- 1 / Max. n/a--; .com/.net/.co.gy5Min. 1 / Max. 63--;;;
10Min. 3 / Max. 63-- 1 / Max. n/a-- 1 / Max. 63-5
Montserrat.ms1Min. 1 / Max. 63--;;; nom.ni15Min. 3 / Max. 20--
Panamacom.pa1Min. 1 / Max. 56-5
Paraguaycom.py20Min. 2 / Max. 63--;
4Min. 1 / Max. 56-6, 11
Puerto; .com./.net/.org.pr1Min. 1 / Max. 63-6
St. Kitts &
.kn20Min. 1 / Max. 63--
S.Georgia &
S.Sandwich Is.
.gs1Min. 1 / Max. 63--
Trinidad &
15no information--
Turks & Caicos.tc1Min. 1 / Max. 63-- 1 / Max. 26Reqd.5; 9;; .org.ve2Min. 3 / Max. 57 -11
Virgin Is.(British).vg1Min. 1 / Max. 63--
Virgin Is.(US).com/.co/.net/.org.vi5Min. 3 / Max. n/a-5
1.- Domain name registration in Latin America is usually done offline at each NIC, so usual waiting time until a domain name application is approved and processed by the corresponding NIC may take from a few hours to some 3-5 weeks!
2.- Domain allowed length is measured in characters that comprise the name, without considering the extension. The extension (second or third level TLD) should be considered an addition to the character limit stated for the name. A dash (-) is usually not allowed at the beginning nor at the end of a domain name. Allowed characters are (a-z); (-); (0-9).
3.- LatinTLD will supply you with whatever is required to comply with Local Presence bylaws at each NIC, allowing you to register the domain name you want.Local Presence requirements vary from having a local address to having a local Tax Payer ID number.In short, they force the registrant to be a citizen or resident of the country.
4.- In relation to the Contacts of the domain names we register on your behalf:
a) LatinTLD will usually be the
Admin Contact so as to be able to make all changes that end-users may request to the domain name.
Tech Contact is the freest of all contacts, being possible to place Final Clients, Registrars or LatinTLD, without mattering if they have local presence or not.
Billing Contact at NIC will always be LatinTLD or a Correspondent of LatinTLD.
5.- DNS servers must be active and responding at registration time.
6.- IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) allowed. In other words Non English (e.g. accented letters in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German in some countries) are also allowed as characters of the domain name.
7.- Signed documents printed in letterhead paper must be submitted in order to complete the registration procedure at the corresponding NIC.In Colombia, a trademark in any country (or a proof of use of the name) is also required.
8.- New names will be checked against registered trademarks in Cuba before one can apply to register them as a domain at NIC Cuba.
9.- In Uruguay, only local ISPs can act as Registrants for domain names on behalf of end users.
10.- Cybersquatters are very active in Argentina. We recommend that you register your domain name(s) firstly in Argentina and then elsewhere in Latin America.
11.- A Tax ID Number is required as part of the data for the proposed Registrant. Individuals must submit the number of either their Passport or Driver's License or ID Card. Organizations must submit the number of their registration as an Organization or Tax ID or VAT or IRS Employer number.
This page is updated as of May 1st2008.
In case you have different or newer information you would like to confirm, please let us know, so as to update it here and share our findings with you.