Our Policies


1.- LatinTLD Registers domain names on behalf of its clients mostly in countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean, but also in any other country where our clients may need a domain.

2.- LatinTLD expects its clients to assume full responsibility for the use they give to domains registered through us, i.e., in case LatinTLD, or any of its Representatives and/or Correspondents is sued in any country as the Registrant or Contact (Administrative, Technical or Billing) of a domain name registered on behalf of a client, LatinTLD and/or its Representatives and/or its Correspondents expect to be assisted financially and in all other possible ways by its client in the subsequent Trial, Mediation and/or Arbitration. If no assistance were received by LatinTLD in reasonable time, LatinTLD, will notify its client of this breach and may, at its choice, park or delete the offending domain name at the corresponding Registry.

3.- LatinTLD will issue an Owner Certificate upon request by its clients, for all domains registered in any country using LatinTLD's or its Representative's or Correspondent's Local Presence.

4.- LatinTLD expects Payment for its Services at the time they are requested, or at the most, 15 days after an invoice is sent to the customer.

5.- LatinTLD will Reimburse for all services that could not be completed by our staff, due to, for example, domain not available or not renewable at the Registry at the time of our client's formal request.

6.- LatinTLD expects formal requests for services from its customers, i.e. in writing, by filling our Order Form, by sending an e-mail message or by Fax.-Requests done by voice (e.g. Telephone, Skype, etc.) will not be considered until they are confirmed in writing, so as to avoid misunderstandings and errors.

7.- LatinTLD will guide its customers in the adequacy and in filling all documents that some Registries may require in order to accept and process Registration/Renewal requests (e.g, Local Presence, Company Formation and Current Existence, Trademark, etc.).-Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the customer to print these documents in letterhead paper, sign, legalize (Public Notary and Consulate or Apostille with your State Authorities, etc.) and send them to us in due time so as to complete the corresponding registration/renewal, or otherwise risk the possibility that we may not apply for the domain or it may otherwise become available once more for registration to any interested parties.

8.- LatinTLD's Payment Only service is just that!We will only pay at the corresponding Registry, but should not be held responsible in any other way for the management of the domain name that was only paid for on behalf of the client.

9.- LatinTLD will try -as much as possible- to follow customer's instructions as to Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact information at the Registry level. Notwithstanding this, sometimes, due to Local Presence regulations and/or to domain management requirements, we will place LatinTLD, its Representatives or Correspondents as the contact at the Registry.

10.- Please note that Latin American and Caribbean Registries are mostly still off-line in terms of Registration and Renewal procedures.Because of this, Registration requests will usually take from one day to some weeks for LatinTLD to process on your behalf. LatinTLD cannot guarantee you the Processing Time for your order, being our responsibility limited to informing our clients of the usual time frame for processing at each Latin American and Caribbean Registry where we operate.


Note: This is version 1.02 of LatinTLD's Policies, updated as of Jul 2021.

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